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Hey everyone. I was wondering if someone out there that reads this can help me figure out the meaning of a dream I had last night?

First let me tell you about the girl I dreamed about. Her name was Jennifer. She and I went to Middle School together. She was always laughing at me and making fun of me. She and I didn't like each other. Well that's been over 25 years ago. A few years ago I found out that she had unfortunately committed suicide. For many years I've wondered what it would be like if we came across each other again? I wondered if she would remember me, and if she would remember bullying me. Well I found her Facebook page and I was going to send her a friend request. That's when I found out that she had died.

Ok here's the dream. Jennifer and I are hanging out in my room. We start laughing together hysterically about what happened at school between us. She has her toe nails painted in a pink shade. Some of the nail polish is messy though and it's smeared on her toe. In my dream I'm thinking that about her suicide but I feel happy that she's not dead. The next thing that happened was I went outside to look for her. My brother told me that Jennifer's father came and picked her up. My brother said she had a message for him to give me. The message was that I had bad hygiene habits. I remember in my dream feeling bad because she left and I didn't get to say bye to her.

So that's the dream. I know it's long, but I would highly appreciate if someone might be able to help put the pieces together to figure out the meaning of this dream. Thank you so much and thank you for reading this.