Please help me, was I wrong to grab my sister in 2019

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In 2019 after years of verbal abuse by my sister I struck back. I grabbed her shoulders and shook them and called her a "PMS bitch". I am learning disabled so I miss social ques. She loves to pick on me and embarrass me and boss me for this. She was 27 and I was 37. I had it. We don't live together or anything but were on a family vacation. My sister was mad she had to share a bathroom with me, she was acting like a 3 year old. I suddenly snapped and stooped down to her level of immaturity and acted like a 3 year old myself. Everyone on the vacation told me not to worry about it that she was the one with the problem. So I dropped it. My sister insisted on leaving so my father got her a plane ticket to fly home. She was screaming and throwing a fit.

Over the years she bosses and gives insults to me because I am different. She would not even come to Christmas one year because my other sister's autistic son was there and he "made her feel uncomfortable" when he said something not appropriate but of course not his fault. She bosses everyone. She is cruel and narcissistic to everyone.

So was I wrong? Now she hates me and has since 2019. I am no fan of how she treats people so it is no loss but it is not like she was always toxic or like I intended the issue in 2019 to become an estrangement.

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