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please help this happen

I really need to pass my maths gcse. Like really badly. So please anyone who sees this pray/manifest this for me. I’m so scared, My life could literally be ruined without it. I have so much to give I swear. I want to have an amazing life, late nights , living in the city, meeting the love of my life, moving to Hilton island, It’s all I want.


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Re: please help this happen

My name is Stephen and I'm praying for you ,in the name of Jesus Christ . I'm not trying to force my religion on you gm , but for me when things are at its worst and I feel like committing suicide due to my schizophreniaI pray to Jesus and find comfort.

Even if you don't believe, I pray that you will pass your exams and have all that your heart desires.

Don't give up . I'm just a suicidal schizophrenic hanging on by my fingrnailsfingernails and I hope this helps you.