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Please help, Why do i like this?

This is so embarrasing for me but here we go:

for some reason im very attracted to people who treat me like a child. I know its weird and sick and wrong but i cant help it.

This doesnt happend me always but sometimes i find very attractive when people explain me things like if i was a little kid, or when they do things for me, or use baby talk or cute petnames like baby.

I have no trauma or mommy/daddy issues so i really dont know where this thing came from.

Also i think i have a daddy/mommy kink and it makes me feel so guilty because i think that people who want to normalize ddlg and mdlg are disgusting.

Do you think this is normal?

And why do i like this? (please dont say trauma or daddy/mommy issues because i dont have any of that and thats why im worried).

Please help :((

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Re: Please help, Why do i like this?

I kinda get where you’re coming from. You don’t think people should normalize ddlg and mdlg because it’s not how people should behave and it could possibly lead to “worse” sexual behaviours. I’m into ddlg myself but I think the main reason I am is because of my first partner. He was into it and it felt good so I kinda just went with it? Now that I think of it, I mainly liked the thrill of feeling like we were getting away with something. I would say you should try to figure out why it appeals to you. Is it the thrill, the feeling of being taken care of, being subservient, etc... There’s nothing wrong with you, lots of people are into it. Some just like the aesthetic. Good luck tho✌🏼