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Please i need serious advice asap

Saddest day

I guess I will start in the moment that we felt The love between us we have been together for three years me and my boyfriend, I still want you from our relationship I saw him really attractive to all this sexual things like my body and all of that and sometimes I feel like he is only using me because I give him a lot when I am with them I think that’s the only thing he’s thinking about is s3x, only that And I felt like the love is gone after we did it like he only get what he wants but we are still together right now and we are waiting till college and do you want to come and marry me that I don’t know what is wrong is it him or me or why do you always the boys do that I loved him so much even if he cheated one time or two and he sometimes Treats me bad and the last three months he made me cry a lot over a situation that I couldn’t meet him and he wanted to dump me but after that he said he is sorry and I forgive him that is my problem I forgive him a lot and I love him a lot I don’t know what to do , I am so broken I don’t know what to do..

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Re: Please i need serious advice asap

Hey sweetie I'm so sorry to hear this . Try talking to him about this and if things still don't work out try doing what you feel is right it will be hard but you have to take the necessary step . Love Annie wanna reachout to me then DM me on my Instagram @__sparklyymadness__