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Please I'm reposting for more advice (Friends)

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Teen life is difficult and sad, now, all my friends, yes all my friends, ALL! Do not even speak to me anymore, claiming I am fake, and saying I have changed and stuff like that, I mean?? Why?? Someone called me toxic and fake and childish, for the past three days I have been crying myself to sleep. I don't even know what to do again, I tried apologizing to them, but most of them just acted as if I didn't even text them, I don't even know what I did, I mean, urgh! Most of you will not understand cos u guys have one of the best friends in the world, but for me, I can't even recall one, just ONE true friend I have, they use me, insult me, and then leave me, how can I cope now? My best friend even told me we couldn't be besties again in July, 2020, now she's calling me fake and toxic.

Any suggestions?

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