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Know that you matter, whatever the struggles, obstacles, and situations you have to overcome, know that you’re important. You’ve overcome so much that it’s inspiring that you carry on. Though to you death or sadness is the only solution, know that it isn’t. There are people willing to listen, talk, and even care for you. Wether you are the rejected kid, orphan background, rape victim, suicidal thought victim or any other problem you struggle with, know that you are still able to see another day because you are strong. You are strong enough to pull through, strong enough to continue onward where many have given up. Get out of the darkness and void we all call depression, sadness, guilt, hate, etc. and reach out to the light where freedom is only a step away to happiness. We can’t let our past form our futures, we are in control of our destiny. What ever passions or distractions that bring you happiness from within you, follow them, for they will set you free, like a humming bird, you were born to sing and fly with grace. Appreciate the people here, for they take the time to listen, understand, feel, and even converse with you. Know that it isn’t your fault, but it doesn’t have to be bad everyday for you. Find the happiness in you and only for you, don’t do it for anyone else but for you. If a second chance is what you want then go for it and don’t let the distractions stop you from reaching said goal. Don’t give up and don’t give in.

I post this because I’ve posted on this site here some thoughts of suicide and sometimes I almost got close to doing it. I just want to thank the community here, the people who respond with words of encouragement and love. Though words may only have a sound, they also have a emotional impact. I share this because I know some people go through hell on a daily basis.