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Long story short this guy his name is Ravi Yadav and he is like 23/24 years old and he lives in India he has been stalking me for a whole fucking year you know I met him on an online game and we became friends but then he started asking a lot A LOT of personal questions and I got really uncomfortable with that so I said could we maybe take it slow but this guy was having none of it he kept on asking me personal questions so I stopped talking to him and that’s when it got worse this guy has literally created 20+ fake Instagram accounts just to message me some of the messages he sends me is really creepy like You looking beautiful, I love you and he tells me I’m his friend and he even asked me if I could be his girlfriend it’s really disturbing this guy is LITERALY OBSESSED with me and I’ve asked him so many times can you please stop it but he doesn’t take no as an answer and even when I’ve ignored him for months he still keeps coming back I’m literally at my breaking point now like I’ve even got to the police but there wasn’t anything they could do, I’ve told friends and family but it still keeps continuing, I’ve even created other Instagram accounts with hard usernames but this guy keeps finding me I’ve really had enough that’s why I’m here I’m not asking any of you to send hate but I was wondering if you could report his Instagram accounts: ravi._yadav.05(This is the one he’s recently created) and if you have WhatsApp please report his number +91 91 0 6770 558he doesn’t text me on WhatsApp since I blocked him but yeah I’m hoping if enough people report him his Instagram will get deleted sorry I know this message is long but I just wanted to get this message out there thank you to anyone who reported him as well and have a nice day or night bye.

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