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please read if you can

something happened last night... it was scary... i was on omegle, and doing the facetime thing because i never had used it before and wanted to. of course, i came across the normal stuff i was exspect (if you know what i mean) but, this one guy kept popping up asking to see my boobs. (i’m trans ftm and i’m 13) i kept saying yes and then i would leave because i would get too self continuous and scared. i came across him again and he wanted to see my boobs. i figured that he wouldn’t know who i am, and my parents would never know, and maybe it would be ok and nothing would happen, so i quickly showed. i began to feel ugly. he wanted to see them again, so i showed again. i had already hated my chest, this just makes it worse. then, he wanted to see my 🐱. i wanted to cry, but sense my parents would never know, i showed as quick as i could. after that, he left. i felt ugly after, and stupid. i hated my chest so much, i wanted it gone more than ever. after that, i decided to call another person hoping they would maybe calm me down. turns out, the guy reported me. i’m just an ugly human being. i don’t deserve life. i need to die.

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Re: please read if you can

Calm down

First of all calm down stop feeling bad about yourself, whatever happened, happened give yourself time to let it pass do other things take break from social media, you're young you've things to learn calm down and relax and don't do these things again have a good day

Listen you do not need to feel this way. You didn’t want to show him but he kept pressuring you. That’s not your fault. And now you feel gross and ugly but you shouldn’t. You weren’t ready to show him your body and when you did you realized it was a mistake. You feel ugly because you regret it. But now you know you aren’t comfortable with that and next time don’t show anyone your body unless you trust them and want too. You don’t need to die, it was a mistake. One hundreds of other people have made. He was an awful person but you don’t need to feel this way. You are just entering teenage years. Most people start hating their bodies around this time and age. I know I did. But you’re body will continue to change over time. Become comfortable with who you are and eventually you will be confident with your body too. Regardless of looks, style, trends. Just don’t let this person make you feel so worthless. You are definitely worth something and one day the right person will show you how you are supposed to be treated. Everything will be okay. Just give it time.