Please reply🙏 I am in dilemma 😭

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Two of my friends behave like they are couple . For their privacy I will say their name as A and B. So this A friend stares at B with sparkling eyes and full attention when B is speaking. And B friend gets flustered and plays with fingers when name of A is mentioned and always find a way to include his name in every conversation.

Most of the time they are together they don't let other find out and they like and flirt with others in social media while they rarely interact with each other in ig or other social media. When asked they deny that they are in relationship but they avoid eye contact, get flustered and somehow nervous. They say they are single and feel lonely but I learned that A suggested B to stay like that for a while ,stay single and chill 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

Both of them are very good actors also, top students in terms of acting. Also,they have known each other for more than 8 years now. They disliked each other first, became friends during acting class where they were paired up as couple and since then they are very close to each other. Before he was close to A, B used to date a girl but he broke up with her after five years of dating. A said he tried dating others too but it didn't work out in the end and he is trying to move on and he posts depressing lyrics on his insta posts because of that. B is allergic to fur but adopted furry cat. A likes furry cat. B said if he gets supernatural power he wants to be invisible and follow A wherever he goes and observe him 😑

Every friend teases them that they are couple , they deny it but behave like couple. Oh yeah they both are individually very popular too and have separate fan clubs. I want to know what they really feel about each other. Are they hiding something? Are they scared to admit their relationship because they both are of same gender ? I need clarity. Please help me 🙏 

My best friend has huge crush on A and wants to approach him. Should I tell her to move on or she still has chance ???

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