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Please reply I need help getting over this guilt.

I wrote out an ENTIRE story but it got deleted and I’m too frustrated to write that whole thing out again so I’ll give a brief version.

I had a crush on a girl and while we where at a sleepover we played truth or dare. We read dares of websites and even gave each other hickeys (nothing spicy I was in the 8th grade and she asked me first for one and I asked her to return the favor) at one point, she gave me 3 dare options. 1. Kiss 2. French kiss and I forgot the 3rd one. I chose the first option. Because I worry about EVERYTHING (which is why I still feel guilty about something that happened in a dumb middle school relationship) I asked her right before to make sure she was REALLY ok with it. This was my first kiss and I was excited it was with the girl I had a crush on. Then I remembered something, in the heat of the moment, I had forgotten that she had a boyfriend. I quickly told her I felt super guilty about it. She told me to calm down because it wasn’t a big deal and it was a dare and we where just friends. I felt guilty because we literally had a FaceTime call with her boyfriend a few hours beforehand and because I knew him and we where friends. I cried that night, the following Sunday, and all of first period that following Monday. I went to the guidance counselor during second period and she wasn’t much help. It put me at ease for the time being and I eventually forgot about it but now old emotions are resurfacing and I feel REALLY bad. Can someone please reply and help me get over it? Either by giving me tips on how to do that or by giving me confirmation. I can’t deal with the panic and anxiety from something that happened a while ago. I’m just scared of seeing her boyfriend and talking to him and me being OVERLY honest telling him the truth. I’m scared he will be mad at me for kissing his gf and that she will be mad at me for telling him. I really need help getting over this...

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Re: Please reply I need help getting over this guilt.

It's okay. Try not to let it stress you out too much. Just don't mention it. Don't bring it to the girl or tell your friend. You'll see, in time this whole thing will just be a memory. There's a saying that sometimes helps me get through a tough situation or feeling. It goes, "And This Too Shall Pass". One day you'll look back and wonder, why was I so nervous? When I was 17 I made out with a friend's boyfriend. I never mentioned it to my friend or talked about it to the guy or anyone. I had a boyfriend at that time too. It did bother me, but I still kept everything to myself. We all do things that we regret. You're young and trust from someone older with more life experience, it'll be ok. I promise. It'll be okay.