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My girlfriend died about a month ago by suicide. She had moved to Idaho a few months before her death and I'm two states away from her so I couldn't even be there for her in person. We had developed a lot of relationship issues a week before her death but we managed to work things out and stop squabbling constantly over dumb things. I don't really know why she killed herself. it was just so sudden. We were chatting over the phone then i said I was gonna take a nap. 30 minutes later I wake up to a text from her saying "I'm sorry I'm panicking. I have to do this." That was sent 10 minutes after I fell asleep. by the time i got back to her she had deep gashes all over her arms and stomach. She showed me a picture. I tried to get her help. told her to call the police and rinse the cuts with cold water. but she didn't listen and started talking about how much she loves me and she's sorry she has to do this. It wadnt expected at all....she had promised before shed never commit suicide. I have health issues and will most likely die at 17. I'm 15. She promised she'd stay with me until the end and she fucking lied. I kind of hate her for it. She just killed herself without discussing what she was feeling first. I hate her i think. She knew I was gonna die in two years and she said she'd stay for me. well wooowww she didn't. and I haven't tolf my parents about her because theyll think its not true or smth. I miss her like hell. and to top it all off I started hallucinating seeing her. i texted my friends in a fit of delirium blabbering about how she was back, look she's right here next to me!! well they thought I was lying and just decided to fucking leave me and now....i started dating her sister. what is wrong with me. I don't even know if I love Chloe's sister or not. it's just to help ease the pain or something m. I'm a selfish bitch and honestly i hate myself for it. i need help

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I hope you see this

Hello. I think dating her sister without knowing for sure you love her isn’t what you need right now. I suggest explaining everything to her before it goes to far. You don’t want to end up hurting her. I am sorry if this is not good advice I am only 12 years old and my advice probably sucks but I couldn’t stand seeing this and not saying anything. Sorry that this was the response you got I bet you didn’t want one for a middle schooler.