please someone help

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there’s not much to say. my dad is in rehab and my mom is too caught up in her own little world to help me with anything. i finished my drivers ed last year in 4 days. does that not show a sign that i really want my license considering it took my brother 6 months? and i went back to my moms july 1st and since then i have consistently asked her to take me to the court house so i can get my permit. it’s been almost a year and i still don’t have it. but my mom cares way to much about her phone than to help me. everytime i mention something about it she just yells at me and says that i just need to go live with my aunt. i don’t know what to do anymore. if i go live with my aunt i have to move schools and i don’t want to do that. last time i did that i fell into depression and had many suicidal thoughts but she doesn’t care. and she just continues to ignore everything about me. my theatre teacher knows more about what’s going on in my life right now than my own mother does. my teacher is helping me with colleges and my mom doesn’t even know that i’m looking at some. and my mom constantly lies. that’s all she ever does is lie lie and lie. i hate life right now. i’m the only kid in my friend group that doesn’t drive.