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Pls advise

I'm here once again to rant about my stupid best friend. Things happened between us physically. We went quite far. On the weekend though his girlfriend came to visit him and since then he's being distant again. This is like some weird loop I'm in and I'm sure I'm the one getting hurt every time. But I just can't seem to let go of him. And I know that he does love me with all his heart. I just wish it was enough for him to leave her and be with me instead. We meet every single day, we know each other better than anyone else, our families are close, we love spending time together - I can't think of anything more perfect. :(

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Re: Pls advise

You're basically the Side chick... so no sympathy there... It's honestly quite selfish on both of your parts. I bet you all hang out when she's in town, I bet you and his gf have formed some kind of relationship or she's Atleast accepting of your supposed friendship with her boyfriend. She put her trust in him to be platonic with you .. You and Him ...You're both in the wrong ... For you to think you're the only one being hurt, think of the girlfriend in the situation. She has no idea you and him are in a relationship, meanwhile she's falling in love with him too, and no one is being honest with her. Imagine you in her shoes completely oblivious ... How much would it hurt you to be in her position. The only thing that would make this worse is if there were children were involved in which case ... Shame on you both , and one of you should summon up the courage to come clean to her and let her make a choice to end the relationship or not. The three of you should have a conversation and he needs to make a choice between the two of you and srop taking advantage of both your feelings