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Pls give me advice


Basically my boyfriend confronted me yesterday with the fact that he hasn’t felt loved by me for most of our relationship. That obviously broke my heart cause I really do love him extremely much and I sacrifice so many things for him so he can finally feel loved and special.

We’re currently not talking bc he needs time to think. I really don’t know what to do. I guess wait until he talks to me again? At least that’s what he asked me to do.

I really don’t wanna lose him.

any advice?

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Re: Pls give me advice

You saying you sacrifice alot for this guy leads me to believe that maybe you have too much? (so many things) for too long? and He's so used to it that its become the "norm". I did a girl like that way long ago, taking her for granted and when I felt unsecure and needed feel "equal" to her, Id drop a bomb like that ( Ive never really felt loved by you) The real question is: Do YOU feel and I mean "feel", in your soul, loved by HIM? Does He sacrifice events, " hangin with his bros'" time for you when your in need? This coming outta left field, and seemingly unwarrented, leads me to believe that the "action" He's takin is that its gonna be HIS way or the HIGHWAY and YOU are to "conform" and we'll talk when IM ready. Lifes too short for these games. I know Im goin out on a limb here but,thats the "vibe" Im gettin. You sayin "you'll wait till HE wants to talk again" is telling me your willing to keep the ball in his court.Gives him the upperhand so to speak. Be sure you "dont wanna lose him" is b/c you honestly feel a soulmate type of connection and not b/c you dont wanna be alone or feel "you can fix him". I hope my "vibe" is wrong. All the best to ya!