pls help.

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hey, im a student in high school, and need help. i'm really anxious. my family isnt the richest, but we're comfortable enough. which is why they take education really seriously. my parents are both educators, and are now asking me about my future. my family says if i dont have a plan, i'll have to do law because they think it is good for me, and sure it seems interesting, but i'm not sure i wanna take that career path. i wanna explore other careers and am doing so, but would love to hear what you guys have to say, in what careers i should look into. first things first, i'm pretty mediocre at everything except maths i cant do maths lol and am not interested in it.

i like art but thats just a hobby of mine, i dont exactly think it could get me a job since my talent isnt that great. i like music, and art related stuff. fashion as well, basically anything art related is cool, as long as it is a high chance of a secure life in the future. i also dont mind business related stuff, and marketing, i wouldnt mind looking into that, but my family says too many people do that and dont know what theyre doing so they just get lost halfway.

humanitarian stuff is cool. i really want to travel so a job that requires me to travel would be amazing. i wouldnt mind dedicating my life to it if i had a passion for it, but thats the thing, i dont know what my passions are. and whatever i like, i'm only mediocre at, so if you have any experiences yourself or know anyone who has a job similar to what i said, please do tell me about it and what path they took. the littlest things will be of help, i wanna hear actual experiences from people who took this path.

i also dont mind science but dont really see a future with me in a science related job. obviously a high paying job would be the priority, but i wanna do something i like that gets me that. theyre really convincing me on becoming a lawyer, and if all else fails i guess i'll do it, but i wanna see what else is out there.

i'm also from asia, and wanna move out of my country eventually, because i dont see myself staying here as its not exactly open minded. i plan on starting my career here, and building a foundation, then get promoted out of here. so please, if you have any experience on this, i'd love to hear it, even if you have only a little of knowledge on it, i dont know what else to do, and its really giving me a lot of anxiety.

thank you.