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its like your love caught me by surprise. i kept you prized. even before i was advised. i was on my exercise. i just needed you to realize. i was one of a kind. i was on my grind. but you were always on my mind. loving you in the beginning was beautiful. you had me believing our relationship was doable. i had such high hopes for us. but thats something you never wanted to discuss. when the abuse started you had me feeling like such a klutz. whats crazy is you were never looking for satisfaction. i was just a transaction. for your constant deposit. for your profit. by the time i realized this. you had me feeling like i was in a coffin. you really had me off in a world where we loved eachother. disguising the flaw in your character. i dont hate you i hate what you did. its like i loved you so much then you treated me like i was your enemy. all the times i came back were chances for us to grow and get better but they only got worse. i literally had to mourn the person i thought you were and come to terms with who you really are. i cannot change you. that hurt so much. it was supposed to be us against the world forever. you apologized in a letter. but when you get home i dont believe things will get better.