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Politely declining

So today I was on the phone with my friends and I was talking about how my sister wants me to get animal crossing new horizons so we can play together. I keep declining her because I don’t want to spend money on a game when I barely use my Nintendo switch anyway. My friends then said that since my birthday is coming up in a few months they want to get the game for me. I don’t want them wasting money on me for a game I probably won’t play but I don’t want to be rude or mean about it. What should I do? I don’t wanna hurt their feelings.

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5 months ago

Re: Politely declining

tell them you wont use it anyway a lot and it’s not worth to spend money on .

explain that you are not that interested to play. or you will be busy and wont use it

you are best friends

you know them better and i am sure you will find the right words to say that