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I literally can’t fucking escape my toxic relationship and it’s draining everything from me, I’m laying here crying for like the millionth time over somebody who gives zero fucks about my emotions, I fucking hate it here I hate it inside of my head I wish he would just get the duck out of it my hearts fucking broken like so broken and it’s been for so long I’m just deteriorating and I’ve tried to move on but I cant like physically mentally can’t I’m to afraid even though I know it’s for the best I just wanna scream sometimes I wish he wasn’t here so I could never go back but then would that be more devestating then never having a real chance of ever being together you see my dilemma I’m fucked up in the head and i need help

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I just broke up with manipulative controlling bf who obviously have 0 fucks with me. He was my first love and weve been dating on and off through a decade or more. It was really hard because its always been like this. Every week we will have the same petty argument over the same thing that he cant get over with. Im not exaggerating. Exactly every damn week. So today i realized, wait, did he ever make an effort to make me happy? I sense that he doesnt love me anymore. Whatever it is or the reason why hes staying with me is definitely not because of love. Because someone who loves you, would always make the effort to not hurt you and make you happy. So yea, im on day 1 of break up and hopefully we can keep it that way. We deserve to be treated like queens. That's what i've figured from the healthy relationships around me. This isnt healthy and there is no love there anymore. So let go.