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Portland Shooting

See; I’m right. The media stirred up a hornets nest during a pandemic to help Biden. I fully support the peaceful protests & agree change is needed. I’ve even wrote to politicians trying to get statues removed.

But the media should be loudly condemning the rioters & violent criminal acts. When the man who tried to save a gay person was best unconcious the media should have made that a huge story. Same for when cops were driven over. But the media is trying to downplay the violence associated with the protests. The good people march & go home. The bad people stick around & commit violence & crime.

These cities such as Portland with weak political leaders let the violence get out of control. People set at home watching public servants being attacked daily. Then they see a gay person assaulted. The kind man who tried to save them beat unconscious as he kneels on the ground. They see the media not care. They see the local government without a to deal with it. So they decide to go in the streets too.

They have the exact same rights to be there too. But it’s like putting drunk football fans in a bar together on game night. The different sides will fight. This escalation is because the mayor of Portland & Oregon’s governor are afraid to do their jobs. Let the peaceful protestors march by day. But ask for federal help & arrest the rioters who are attacking cops & committing crimes by night. Do you jobs as elected officials.

This will just keep building. More needless deaths will occur. Until these politicians do the jobs they were elected to do. I used to think Portland was a good city. Looks like one of the worst places in the world now. I’ll have to tell my kids to never live there. It can join the cities like Chicago & LA that I tell my kids to never visit. If I owned a business there I’d leave. If I owned a business nationally I’d never move a branch there. I’d also never buy s house there. What a dangerous shit hole.