pov: you think you're not good enough for him

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theres this girl thats like rllly close with my bf and shes so pretty shes the type of girl my bf would love to date shes so gorg i wanna be like her i wanna be pretty enough for him so he can brag abt me but he says im more than enough for him but i dont think that and also everyday i go into the girl profile and cry everynight cause since they're rlly close and good friends she has him on her bio and also has a highlight with his name and i cant compete with her. But i cant do anything cause if i tell him to stop being friends with hr ofc hes not gonna do it cause they're rlly close and they're good friends and yk she comes first cause friends comes first and i dont wanna get in the middle of their friendship i wanna be like her sm i dont know what to do im so insecure with everything abt myself and i love and care for him sm i dont wanna lose him and or ruin everything