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Praying for negative

Here I am writing while waiting outside the ER.

It is 11PM here and we rushed to the hospital because my grandma is.not feeling well. She doesn't have an appetite and loss her sense.of taste. It's been a week now.

I feel helpless because I want to be beside her assisting her but here I am, outside. Waiting for all the tests to be done.

She'll turn 79 next month btw.

I just want to remind everyone to take care always and be healthy. Yes, we don't know when and where this virus might infect us, but precaution is better. Let's hope my grandma will be okay so we can all go home feeling good. Thanks in advance. ❤️

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Re: Praying for negative

Here are some prayers for your grandmother. So sorry to hear that she’s going through this.

You’re there with her and that’s the most important thing. Imagine how terrible it would be if she never had your support. But she has you and she’s a very lucky person indeed.

Thank you for prayers! We are safely at home now and it's almost 3am. All the wait is worth it.😊

And her appetite suddenly got back. All laboratories result are normal. She jist need to take her medicines.

Thank you again. Keep safe guys and be healthy. Rest when tired, rest when needed. 😊