Pregnant Illegally

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My name Zyla Marie nd I am 14 years old . I've had a boyfriend for a pretty long time. His name is Demarcus nd he's 17 . Anyways .. one day I finally built up the nerve to ask him out . We had been talking for about 4 months. and He said yes . but then I regretted my whole decision of asking him out. Pass 2 weeks and one night he came over to my house why'll my parents was on vacation . He started taking my clothes off nd all that nd I started feeling nd catching vibes w him. Then.. we did that teenager shit you know. about a month later I had started feeling different. I started craving foods I WAS ALLERGIC TO. I knew sum was up w me so I asked my sister, Jaelyn if she could take me to the store to get medicine . In the store I started throwing up nd all . She said 'I think you pregnant' so we got a pregnancy test and 3 came back positive 2 came back negative . So I went to the doctor , turns out I was pregnant AT 13 YRS OLD BY A DAMN 17 YR OLD. I couldn't tell my mom so I applied for a job 5 hours away from my house so I wouldn't have to tell her. I got the job and moved 5 hrs away. My bump started forming a lil bit bigger so about 7 weeks in I had to tell her . I called her and she was PISSED. 8 months later (now) I had my baby . She's a girl nd her name is Saliyah. Me and my mom haven't talked in 6 months nd now I live with Demarcus (my fiancé now) and my baby Saliyah , she's 3 weeks now and I wouldn't give ha up for nothin. I love her . Just know if you going thru some like this, its okay and you are goin to find a happier path.!

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