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Pretty shit exes

I keep thinking about my exes. Only two of them and not for that long people would say. The first one, he used to use me to vent all of his problems to and didn't care when I was upset. At all. Many many days I'd cry and he'd pressure me and try to physically make me suck him off, while crying. Even on the day one of my grandparents died he said he "needed a good memory for the week". And then there's my other ex. He used to be what I thought was my best friend for some reason so I thought he'd like me a little more. I told him everything that happened with my ex and in the end he broke up with me because I wasn't over what happened and said I was to blame. He also wasn't a great person, he was extremely racist (would call black people the n word several times a day) and bullied disabled people (including a childhood friend) but never did anything physically to me (because he was a pussy). He brought condoms round and wanted sex the night that my dog died. So yeah, glad I could say something here because when I went to the police I was told not to report anything. ACAB, also the racist guy fucks his pillow. Thanks for reading, have a nice day :)