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Priests are my fantasy

I have a gay sexual fantasy over priests and I really want to fulfill my fantasy but I feel that it is wrong and unholy can anyone give me any guidance on this should I pursue it or should I just bite my tongue and keep quiet. Help pleeeease. I'm bi sexual and are mainly turned on by females my own age but ive wanted to have a priest for about 8 years and can't get it off my mind. I'm 21 years old and feel like I'm sinning every time I think these thoughts

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Re: Priests are my fantasy

It's not a sin to think these thoughts, it's your own mind no one should have to have control over it. Don't be ashamed of your sexual fantasies, everyone has secrets about themselves and your sex life is personal. But I think it would be difficult to sexually be with a priest, but maybe you can play out your fantasies in different ways with a partner or during masturbation.