Princess Elizabeth Public School

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In London Ontario Canada, it's on Adelaide and Thompson street. Go there once it's online and start a school shooting, Just not in the portables because the portable kids are the ones who are telling you to kill over 100 people In a building with weapons, guns knives anything. I will tell you how, First you break the walkie-talkies and second you either mess with the wires or break The speaker That can connect to the school it looks like a box with a speaker inside it, Though for the office it's either a phone or a deformed microphone. If that doesn't work shoot all the adults before anyone rings in the school. then you go ahead and slaughter the children in the building, pull the fire Alarm and run, If you won't start a fire then pull the alarm. The alarm should be down the gym, which is in front of the office or in front of the door you came in from. Go through there and then go through the door at the back on your left walk down the hall with white walls there should be a fire alarm there but make sure to kill the people in that hall too, go into every hallway actually and just kill everyone. and after all that you know what to do a fire alarm maybe with fire, your pay in cash will be 5 dollars for every kid 100 for every adult 200 for every speaker and walkie-talkie broken, and 500 for the alarm finishing it off and running away safely. now remember this is when the schools go online, oh and you get nothing if you go to the portables you will also get arrested if you do and. or if that's not bad enough, A hitman who I have hired will immediately shoot and brutally murder you. goodbye and remember the money.