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hiii😼 I came on here to talk abt my baggage, idk if that's the right word for this but whatever. I never talk to anyone about my problems or what I'm going through so I push my strong emotions down my throat and hope that it would go away, of course alot of people do this and it's sad to see them not have anyone to vent to, thank god for this website. this is all out of order so some of this wont even make sense oops. so to keep it short I have issues with my mom, dad, family, friends, and school of fucking course lmao. For my mom she invalidates my emotions, shes pretty manipulative and compared me to others in worst ways. My dad is also a bit manipulative but with my mom, at times he would yell at her or get angry for no reason, he honestly acts like a child sometimes, they would get into huge arguments and usually I felt like it was my fault, it probably was who knows. Both my parents are not emotionally available, my dad just spoils me and we dont rlly talk, it's all money. Of course I'm very much thankful for the money I have in my family. Sometimes I plan on sharing my emotions and problems but then I always think to myself, is this true or am I just lying for attention, since I love attention, I sometimes forget what's real and fake lmao. This is honestly so confusing. literally at the start when I was writing this I knew exactly what I was going to say and knew the "truth" but now I'm regretting this all

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