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Problem plz help

So me and my boyfriend play video games together. He has a friend group that the both of us play with. It’s always only been guys. But, a week ago, one of my boyfriends friends invited a girl into the discord server where all of us talk and play games together. I am not comfortable with this. I’ve been through this before twice in my past relationships. What ended up happening was that one guy invites a girl, and then they all start playing with her everyday and flirt with that girl. It’s happened to me a lot in the past. I don’t want it to happen again because I love my boyfriend. So I told him how I felt about this new girl joining the server out of no where. None of my boyfriends friends even told us or any of the other guys that she was going to join. I think they should have at least gave us a warning or let us know. My boyfriend agrees with me and said he’ll talk to the guy that invited her into the server. He talked to him and asked him if they could just both go play in another server together so that everything stays cool and me and my girlfriend (me) aren’t stressed. His friend said ok and he’ll talk to the girl he invited and let her know. After an hour later, the girl was mad and then my boyfriends friend was mad at him. I know this guy likes this girl..that’s why he invited her in the first place. This is exactly what I didn’t want happening...a guy inviting a girl so he can flirt with her. I don’t want me and my boyfriend around this. I just want to play games in peace. So my boyfriend said fine, keep her in that server, I’ll make another one just for the boys so we can play. Me and my boyfriend are fine with any guys joining. We are also fine with if any of my boyfriends friends invite any of their girlfriends, into the server. It’s just with inviting other girls that are just friends..we aren’t comfortable with. So today my boyfriend and me were in the new server with only all the guys. They all eventually joined the voice chat to talk to me and my boyfriend because they don’t like the fact that we aren’t in the other one with the girl. My boyfriend explained to them that we aren’t comfortable with the girl they invited and we just want it to be with the guys and have a good time. He also told them that if they ever get a girlfriend she is more than welcome to join. It’s just with the girls that are just friends joining..isn’t ok. This is because they all just end up flirting with each other and it causes a lot of drama. Me and my boyfriend don’t want to go through that. So all of my boyfriends friends talked to me and basically told me that it is bullshit the way I am feeling and they should be able to invite whoever they want, whenever they want. They literally all joined in and we’re telling me I make no sense and they aren’t going to play in another server the girl isn’t invited in. So I feel like shit and my boyfriend doesn’t want to lose his friends. What do I do?? This is really stressing me out and my mom is on my side. She doesn’t think any girls should be playing with the guys unless they are their girlfriends. They just have caused drama and ruined a lot for me in the past. Please help 

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Re: Problem plz help

Hey, I think u should meet her first, try to play with her and know her better. and abt ur bf, let him play with his friends, it's just stupid if he looses his friends bcs of a girl that u guys don't even know. However, girl relax and take a deep breathe, just create a server or something with u, ur bf, and the closest friends that u know aren't gonna judge u, and have fun