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problematic ordinary teenager

I dont know if this things normal or is it just me......I don't know why everytime i read books or playing video games(certain)

I kept thinking about a character that really look attractive to me..am i really that obsessed to a fictional character? at some point i keep overthink the character untill i cant even have my sleep..my imagination really controlling my head cuz the scene/scenario really live in my head.. i tried to distract myself but i couldn't

its kinda depressing and make me sad..I really hope someone can help me

-anonymous weirdo-

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Re: problematic ordinary teenager

Hi, I am also like that to new manhwa or anime characters that I find attractive. I think that being infatuated with a certain character is a stage. In my case, I let myself get immersed in my obsession to that character and overtime, it subsides. It's like that when it was just new. Suppressing that feeling doesn't really help since you'll only long for that character. Don't worry, you're really fine.