Problematic Roommate :)

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One of my roommates had a mental breakdown to one of our mutual friends about how she doesn't know if she can life with me and our other roommate next year. As far as I am concerned, her only issue is that our other roommate has barged into her room without knocking while she was taking a quiz/test/talking to her professor. Because of this she is thinking of getting a knew door knob to lock her door. I 100% understand that but what I don't get is????? SHE DOES THE SAME FUCKING THING TO ME. like she will knock and just walk in. it is literally the same thing, she doesn't know if I am doing something important ( which i was one time) and that is exactly how our other roommate is, she goes in without knowing. she is out here crying, NOT TALKING TO HER ROOMMATES about an issue that involves THE ROOMMATES. and other thing is that she literally will leave to go see this boy (who literally everyone else hates) at random times in the night and not tell us where she is going or when she will be back. ofc we are not her parents but I am her friends and like ??? we should know where she is if something were to happen and what time she will be back ( if she sleeps over or not) so we know if if we can deadbolt the doors and when to undead bolt them?? but no. After talking to her multiple times about this problem she still continues to leave with out saying anything. to say "oh i am going to go to walmart" and then never come home or tell us when she is coming back. It's so fucking annoying at this point and I can see where she is coming from with the door knob thing but she needs to fucking grow up and talk to us like an adult, like roommates do. this shit is just pissing me off so fucking much. She also thinks we keep checking her location to see if she is with the boy bc we don't want her with him when we LITERALLY TOLD HER WE DON'T CARE WHO SHE IS WITH JUST WHERE SHE IS TO MAKE SURE SHE IS SAFE BUT NO SHE DOESN'T FUCKING LISTEN.