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psychologist dont see things the same way as spiritual people

psychologist listen ,diagnose ,pay attention to everything the client says and sometimes they dont. ive corresponded with people with little patient and i compared them to those who dig there fat hands in a cookie jar and cant wait. dont go to a psychologist for anything spiritual or of the paranormal they'll call what you believe in nonsense or crap there not shamans,spiritualist,or people who believe in white voodoo or people who practice any other kind of work like that. i have been a client of a psychologist for twenty two year she was not a spiritualist or a believer in shamanism or any other thing i believed. when i was growing up no one respected my goals or expectations no one listen to me and even some people on NYC wells could not wait till i was finished explaining my troubles only one person who knew anything about spirituality was one staff member who was familiar with what i read about and practice at the time.