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PTSD and cancer smear issue

I'm due my cervical cancer smear test but I am too embarrassed to tell the doctor that I am petrified of attending, due to my extremely violent rape 2.5 years ago. The GP knows about the incident as the police needed to discuss several factors with them and the hospital due to the severity of the incident, but I am repeatedly receiving reminder letters regards the cervical smear test as 1) cancer is extremely prominent in my family (my uncle, great grandmother and great grandfather have all had cancer - different forms and my mother is at high risk of cervical cancer) and 2) I keep ignoring the letters to book in for my appointment due to it triggering the memories of when I reported my rapist and that then triggering memories of my rape.

I'm too scared to go through with the procedure and too embarrassed to discuss this all with my doctor. It makes me feel nauseas just thinking about it...

Has anyone been through similar that can help or just talk to me, I know I should book the appointment but I just...can't :(

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Re: PTSD and cancer smear issue

Oh honey, do it for the sake of your health. Cancer is such a devastating disease. I have many a relative that passed away due to cancer too. I can’t even begin talking about the attempt on your life. If you survived the trauma, you can surely power through this. For the sake of your life. Love, more and hugs to you. Xo