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i’m so fucking tired of my life. quarantine has made me lazy, fat, and has taken away all my sources of fun. i can’t fucking do anything anymore because it’s too fucking hot where i live to go outside and my parents are old and just sit around all day on their phones because they’re tired of their lives too. i’m being drained as a human by all these negatives in my life and there is literally nothing i can do because my friends never want to do anything so i have no one to hangout with. school is a fucking shit show. they give us mass amounts of hw to do but it’s fucking online so half the time i didn’t even know there was an assignment and when im in class HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO PAY ATTENTION. i get distracted too easily and then i lose motivation to pay attention so then i have class work and homework to do after school and it’s just fucking unfair.