Quarantine Really Says Something

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Ever since quarantine started, even before then, I’ve felt so alone and isolated and stressed out while being so unproductive. I recently found out that my ex boyfriend of over a year, that I was best friends with for TEN before dating, stopped having feelings for me in April, and I’m June he told me he wanted to take a break, and then proceeded to tell his friends that we actually broke up, and I had to find out from them. And since before quarantine, all my supposed “best friends” have all been ignoring my texts, calls, and everything, while having social distancing parties with everyone but me. And it sucks because I was literally the first person to initiate the friend group, and now they just kick me out. 8th grade is going to suck since I’m stuck with all of them, and no one to talk to. So I’ve basically lost the sliver of confidence I had, and my brothers and parents are having issues with each other, and I’m just stuck in between all of it. So basically, it’s just not fun being ignored and having no one to talk to after crying yourself to sleep for months, so I found this. I don’t know how this works but I don’t have the energy to write anymore, but if you can comment on these things with advice, please do, if you can’t do that on here, then please just read it...

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