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Hey guys, I have a question, and if you have an answer it would be amazing :)!

Do you need a label on your sexuality/gender? I don't know what to label myself, and I want to know if that's something you should do. I hear some people saying, "Labels don't matter, just be you." But others say that having labels makes it easier to identify yourself. Next question:

Do you owe anyone a uh.. I don't know what to call it. Does anyone need to know your sexuality? (I think I'm Bi, but I don't know. Hence the last question) Last question:

Can you get angry at someone for outing you? I feel like if I tell my parents they might tell all of the family.

I completely understand if you don't know how to answer, but I just wanted to know if there are answers to these questions. Thank you :)

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Re: Question

ive struggled with gender, sexuality, and I still am. But what I have learned is you only label yourself if you feel as though you need to. You listen to yourself and how you feel as a person. If you would like to label then do it. If you don’t then don’t. You have to allow it to take time. If you decide to label then label with what makes you feel comfortable, and happy. Let things change along with you opinions, it’s frightening. And you can always come out when you feel ready, you can be very afraid of being hurt or unloved but there’s an entire community behind you full of love and open arms.

you don’t have to tell anyone something you don’t want to, if you want to then do it. If your bi you can tell the entire world a few people or only yourself, I also suggest learning more about the community to really get a sense of it.

your aloud to be angry, if you weren’t ready for more people to know then feeling angry is understandable

My piece of advice, is to not think about anyone else or there opinions, just think about how you feel as a person. No person should debate who they are due to others opinions

It think it's your choice. Do whatever makes you content. Some say it out loud some don't. Well yes everyone have their own experience due to which some don't think much of it it's just normal but for some its scary. Some came out believing their loved once would understand but they didn't and some were sure their loved ones will not understand but they did so yeahhh it all depends on what you think.

And to the people who say you should come out so that we don't waste our time on you well i wouldn't date you even if I was straight. If you are straight would you date just anybody do you not have the right to say no if the reason is you don't like them. Then maybe everybody should tattoo their sexuality on their head.

Sorry it's just that i feel it's love, trust, respect... these are the things that matters not your gender so i feel everyones like that you never know who you might fall for but yeah I get it everyone's different it's just a preference you know like guys like boobs I means most do but their are some who are into flat chest haha like my brother(cousin) some like tall women some like small nothing to be ashamed of nothing to be proud of it is what it is.

About outing I think some will be mad they want them to be the one to tell and obviously it's their thing right some don't care they aren't out but don't care whatever. And me I have told said to people like im cool with both guys and girls but I didn't tell this girl who claimed to be bi because one I don't like her always irrigating people with her first world problem and two she'll go and tell everyone that I'm saying I'm pan for attention whatever.

Shit I'm answering the question where I also have a problem like my parents will kill me if I date a girl I'll be disowned I not exaggerating its like bring honor to your family things like that they believe. So if I ever feel like I'm geting serious with a girl I'll take a step back it's not right to her I'll never be able to introduce her to my parents and I love them this the least I can do ik many people will be like you're lying to yourself I'm not lying its priority its not like I love her and can't live without her. I know how badly it'll affect my parents so I can't do it.

About your parents if you feel like telling them tell them if you don't want them to tell your relatives then ahh well we all know they say we won't but they do huhh they all do,the first thing they'll do is call their brother and sister.

Woahh long post sorry about that