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questioning my sexuality and homophobes

so lately i’ve been questioning my sexuality. i think that i might be bisexual. a few weeks ago, my brother and i went to my grandparents house. my brother wanted to watch a dave chappelle comedy special. i didn’t really want to, but i watched it anyway. in one of his jokes, he was continually saying the f slur. and then he did a bit of all the letters of LGBTQ+ in a car. i’m not one of those annoying people that gets offended by everything, but this made me really uncomfortable. he said that bisexual people were gross, because they would have sex with anybody. he told some other jokes about the other letters, but i don’t really remember what he said. but i remember that all of the jokes made me uncomfortable. and my grandparents and brother were laughing. i was about to start crying, so i went to the bathroom to try to calm down. when i got back to the couch, i blinked, and 2 huge tears rolled down my face. i quickly wiped them away to make sure no one saw me. thankfully no one did. the other night at dinner, the topic of sexuality came up. my parents support LGBTQ+. so i knew if i came out to them, that they would be accepting. while talking about sexuality, the topic of bisexuality came up. my dad said, “i think people that say they’re bisexual are gay, but just haven’t accepted it yet.” and my mom said, “i don’t get how people could like both.” of course, with my luck, they had to be homophobic to the label that i think i identify with. i didn’t wanna say too much, because i didn’t want them to question me, but i told my dad that he was wrong. i don’t remember exactly what i said, but in some way i told him he was wrong. and i don’t even remember if i said anything to my mom. even if i’m not bisexual, those words still hurt because i’m an ally for the community. and those things are said to bisexual people daily. i never thought my parents would say something like that, but here we are.

anyways, i don’t really know how someone could give me advice on this haha. but i kind of just wanted to get this off of my chest :)