Quick vent from a teens POV

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So I am a teenager living in California and I’ve been suffering from OCD clinical depression, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and BPD. All have been properly diagnosed by a psychiatrist and a therapist. I just wished that the suffering stoped. Either I keep quiet or get sent to the fucking mental hospital. I hate it. I just wish I could feel without being scared for my well-being. The human society is shit and at this point I can barely get up to pee or get on the computer to play mindless kid games. Sometimes it gets better or worse. I am also struggling with a undiagnosed eating disorder, it’s where since 6th grade I’ve thrown up, starved myself, then organize what and when I eat. My mom is better about dealing with it, my dad and grandpa are shit at it. My boyfriend and animals are pretty much what keep me going. Their my only form of support. I know things don’t get magically better but I’ve tried making them better. Like taking different types and doses of pills, natural self healing shit, etc etc, it’s been a long 6 years going down and down each day or suddenly being at the top of the world for a few hours or days. I don’t know what to do, I don’t take well care of myself, I need a hair cut, proper diet, clean room, proper joint diagnosis, filling for over 10 cavities, etc. I’m realizing I’m reaching a low point again and just hoping I don’t relapse of 3 months. Anyway, than you and I hope your doing okay if your on this website too.