Racism hiding in the ass cracks of white men.

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I was watching a video about this undercover cop who was beaten by this racist pig of a cop during a protest (could have been more than one racist pig, I dont remember). This undercover cop happened to be a black male in the same department as him if I recall right. Its an awful racist act but then the video started getting into race and they were basically just blaming anyone who has a pale complexion of everything wrong in the country.

I was gonna post this comment, but I'd rather not get chemically castrated due to my race and my views.


This poor man did not deserve that. I've been attacked with no warning a few times before and its never fun. There really is nothing you can do to defend if you are getting kicked from all sides.

This is an awful awful thing so don't get me wrong.

Though why are we only reporting on when "white" people are hurting "black people" and not vise versa?

You realize that not every white guy is super powerful and not every black guy is living on the streets.

That way of thinking is racist.

What about the white kids who grew up in black neighborhoods? They may be the only white kid in their school, get picked on, beat up, and called racial slurs.

What happens when he reaches the real world? He realizes that everyone thinks HE is the racist one and nothing he does can change that.

better yet. would you consider an Ashkenazi Jew as "white"?

Oh but their ancestors were just as bad as any other white person in history right?

Oh and don't forget the HUGE history of white slaves throughout the world.

What about the brave strong black folks who were born with nothing and rose to riches, fame, and power? Did they not work their asses off for that?

Why are they never mentioned?

but that doesn't matter, only the things that follow a certain agenda will be talked about.

Its 2021, isn't it time to come together as siblings and stop squabbling over stuff that our ancestors did?

When I was growing up it was never like this, I could talk to anyone without having to worry about their race, political views, gender, socioeconomic status.

Now I can't talk with anyone without fearing that I will be caught in a BS race, political, gender, status argument.