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Racist and Xenophobic England

I was in the UK last year and could not help noticing the high amount of racist behaviour on a day to day basis, and not just against people of colour, but against other nationalities more so. There seems to be a hatred of anyone not English, even Scottish, Welsh and Irish people are hated in England. Not to mention the incredible intolerance of Europeans, I guess that's why they voted to take a xenophobic stance against Europe and to leave the European Union? I saw racist attacks on Polish migrants just as much as attacks on Asian and black people. I was very sad at the things they do in England.

I am happy to hear of the anti racist protests being held now. But to be honest I feel it is only the tip of an iceberg. Those English seem to hate anyone that is not one of them,

Surely the world should do something to force England to comply with the 21st century and eradicate their racist and xenophobic ways. I know things are not great in many other countries also, but surely a nation that calls it self a modern advanced world leader, and yet fosters racial hatred as much as England should be punished.