Random Scary Childhood Memory

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One time I was like 7 years old and I went to McDonald's with my father. So I was playing alone in the playground. It was fine since my father was near it. So I was playing happily and then this girl who looked a few years younger than I was came and played with me. We were like, playing together and then suddenly she grabs my hand and bites it hard. It was super weird and I was like, Ok? Um, let me go. I try letting go and she proceeds to grab my hair. At this point I was like, Ok. You are crazy. Let me go now. I started shouting and pulling her away. She bites my hand harder and pulls my hair harder. I was almost crying, and I was like, only 7. So I shouted at her, 'I'm going to tell your mother!'. She didn't stop. then I shouted, 'I'm going to tell your father!' it was at that point when something clicked and she stopped. i don't remember anything after that but I remember almost crying but for some reason I didn't tell my father.

So to this day I still wonder who that girl was and why she did that.