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Random Thoughts- Chivalry

It is said that chivalry is dead, but, did it really exist in the first place? Because if it did then there wouldn't be any conflict or protest and activism for women, then sacrifices of women from the past wouldn't be needed. The question that keeps on bugging me is that, "how did it come to this and why?" And so, in this part, I concluded that the word chivalry means what it exactly means but can only be seen by those of higher ranks back in time. And the higher ranks that time are most likely men unless a woman is somehow directly related to them but that does not make you equal to your partner. Somehow, if you are a woman and you are from the royal family and part of the nobles then you are most likely to see what pseudo chivalry is. "Pseudo" because it is exactly in their customs that the treatment is based on their status. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you are in par with men. From privileges, education, importance and rights men were given more than that of women. To put it bluntly, from the moment that you were born to have a genital of a female your fate is decided already. Thankfully, in our generation women are given opportunity, too.