Rant from a druggie!!

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Im a recovering addict but feel like im always gonna be followed from my past and no matter how much i tell myself i dont care and iv accepted this existence cause i made this happen all on my own and there's people who are in way worse situations than me through no fault of there own but still i cant fight that "bury my head and pretend it will get better" but i was an addict from 15yrs to 30 yrs and iv been on a treatment order for 2 yrs nearly so im hoping when the day comes for me to be free of all addiction, that d i hope i will see the light at the end but for now i only feel like its the same life im living only the drug is now legal!! I blame no one but me for the way i am but it would be good for one day to believe that im normal and i will be happy one day.. Hey Ho though as that is life and i accepted this a long time ago but its good just to get it out after all the years of keeping it in..