(rant with loads of no no words!!!O_O!!!!!!)) fuck you anti maskers

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Fuck you you fucking ugly ass anti maskers. Fucking worthless fucking piece of fucking garbage worthless fucking piece of shit fucking waste of fucking oygen old ass ash ass bout to fucking die ass fuck you fuck you. They cant fucking put a piece of fucking cloth over their fucking ugly ass bitch ass face without fucking crying about it and blaming it on like some fucking aliens in the government or something. bitch ass. ugly ass. stupid ass. head ass. I want to line all anti maskers in a nice pretty line and fucking shoot them all. listen i dont give a flying fuck if you dont wear a mask in an open space with barely any people in it but all anti maskers need to put a fucking gun to their head and squeeze the FUCKING trigger. UGLY ASS FUCKING BITCH. You fucking bitch. They walk in public with a little fucking smirk on their face thinking they're some fucking martin fucking luther fucking king fucking junior fucking activist mf. bitch!!! what the fuck you standing up for??? wear a fucking mask fucking dumbass!!! i could be fucking over with this fucking pandemic and be happy again but NOOO. they stupid ass has to be a fucking dumbass bitch. I genuinely wangt to get an anti masker and make them go through the shit im going through rn. I would FUCKING LAUGH when i see their face. Good thing most of them are old ass fucking raisin ass bitches cause that means theyre fucking dropping dead like flies, and if they get the virus, they have an extremely high chance of fucking dying. I would fucking love that. Right now im pretending to be an anti masker on twitter and im planning to get a few followers then telling them to all fuck themselves. shit is gonna be funny as fuck. I already got 3 followers. then they associate the fucking vaccine with the fucking mark of the beast. fucking dumbass bitch. fucking off yourself. bitch. fuck you. thnk you for reading you handsome beautiful ass amazing mfs :)

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