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Rape at Baylor U football

This college was also out of control. I don’t care about them paying players.

But covering up for players who rape women I do care about.

Outrage by people like me forced a solution. No cover up like at Notre Dame (go read about her).

The HC was ran off. Yes he’s still in coaching most likely. But probation occurred. The rapist was charged.

This is why we have to force change. Vote for politicians who will support our will. We don’t want women raped. Children raped. Autistic boys shot by cops. Black

men shot for jogging.

I’ll never support the violence. Theft. Attacking innocent cops. Arson. That’s all evil.

But I’ll always support the peaceful protestors. If we can’t get justice. Then we must stand for it somehow. Write the media. Write politicians. Vote differently. We pay for all of this. It should function the way we want it to.