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Rape? Please help

I have written so much on here but, just for clarification (because my mental health is fully deteriorating), is this classed of rape. I feel as though this is having a much worse toll on me than if it was the full thing as my brain is split into two parts where I'm blaming myself and calling myself an overreactor and liar, whereas the other side is giving me straight up answers and making me replay the event saying 'it clearly is as you said no over 20 times. I've tried searching for so many answer, and this is the only source which can actually provide them. I'm 15. He penetrated me anally only once as I got off him and at that time, he had cummed onto the floor behind. It was under a tunnel where we both stood up. At the time, I didnt actually realise what I know believe it is and was so clueless. It happened about 2 months ago. I was saying no and pushing him away, but after each time of saying that, he went back to consensually kissing me - I must've have felt like he wouldn't do it after each no I said. The definition of rape includes what I went through. Can somebody please answer me. It hasn't left my mind since I realised what he done, and has affected me daily. I cant breath when I hear his name or anything to do with him.

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Re: Rape? Please help

It is rape, when you said ‘No’ that means a big ‘Stop’ , I feel very sad for the rape victims as they blame themselves so much, with absolutely ‘No’ fault of theirs.

You have to ‘Stop’ blaming yourself, and if you cant report this to the authorities because of social stigma, please confront the person and tell him that ‘I’ said ‘No’ and you still carried on.

share it with someone you trust for mental support and let them know how you feel, as im also aware some trusted people will also try to put it under the rug or maybe blame you, because of their own insecurities and taboo, and the society should be ashamed for this behaviour.


Sounds like you already know this is rape, no question. I think it’s more likely you’re still in shock that this has actually happened and are looking for reasoning in something that unfortunately has no sane reason. I think you should find someone you trust or even a support line where you can get a conversation with someone who really knows what they’re talking about and can help you through these emotions. You are not to blame. You said no. No means no.

This is rape. Just because you have consent to kiss did not give him the right to penetrate you. You said no, several times. No means no. Him making penetration after you said no makes it RAPE. I suggest speaking to a counselor at the very least. Personally I would go to the cops. I was raped at 13, I kept it to myself, I wish I hadn't. I'm now 34 with a plethora of problems, not all from the rape but it is one more thing in the shit pile that is my life. Do better for yourself, you deserve it.

Updateee: I am the one who wrote this. I recently have told my mum about it by writing what happened on a note and passing it to her (the only way I could say what happened). I did this after I messaged her on my phone (she is the room next to me haha) saying that I had been raped and that is why I have shaved my head. Yes, I have shaved my head over this for a new start, new, untouched hair. She sat with me and cried a few days later, supporting me and didnt once think I made this up. It broke my heart what she said whilst her voice cracked when she was crying, "I'm sorry this has been in your head for so long, I wish I could take it all away" and she hugged me whilst I was crying too. I have a doctor appointment soon too to see if I have depression and other illnesses as I am showing signs. I do feel as though a weight has been lifted (as cringey as that sounds).