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Rape was my fault.

This guy forced me into a relationship and I went along with it. Then he forced me to do sexual stuff with him. I kept telling him no but I eventually got tired of him asking over and over again. The worst part is that it’s my fault because I’m weak. It’s my fault, I let him do it. I will never forgive myself.

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Re: Rape was my fault.

Remember, you were forced. If God does not punish nor hold anyone accountable for what was forced on them, then do not despair on yourself. Seek help from friends, family, and law enforcement. Do not be scared to speak up. Nothing changes until you initiate change. Everyone is weak when forced, there is always someone stronger than us. We are all weak in different ways. Do not let this bring you down. Even a soldier who is forced to commit wrong against himself will be in a weak state. Forgive yourself. Go listen to "surat Rahman by Maher al Mauqly" on youtube. it will hopefully calm you down.

Allahuma salli ala sayidna Muhammad.

It's not your fault. Don't stop fighting, don't feel weak just beause he's stronger than you. Rape isn't your choice or option. You were forced. There's law, to seek help. Idk but I'm sure there will be some one (family, friends or people around you) will be willing to help you, fighting along side you against that guy. Don't be feel down just because he 'gave' you a "good reason" to be in that situation.