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RE: Dogs and pipes

Awsome experiment. Try this.

Find some safety glasses.

Take a glass bowel or cup.

Throw it against the wall.

Now pick up all the peices.

Try glueing it bavk together.

Does it look the same?

When complete, does it still hold water?

Now try again with something else glass


After picking up the peices, glue it together making something different.

Now its not a broken bowel.

Its new.


Either way, their is a bigger chance of it shattering again.

The part that holds it together and makes it strong is damaged. And can NEVER be the same.

Have some pitty on the dog. The pup already knows this.

He already knows what is going to hapen again.

Give him to the next appropriate person you see.

Because ypu can never get his cracked trust bacl again.