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It looks like we do. Sorry for the late reply I had to go return an amazon product by going to the UPS. Yes lets pray things get better for the minorities. Ngl I agree people will always find a way to discriminate against each other if they can't based on skin or any other way. My land or origin invented the caste system. Oh yea there is a lot of hate everywhere I look.

I'm glad I made you laugh, tho I was deadass abt the Karen & Becky. Now I know their names, Karen & Becky. And they spoke to the manager. But the supervisor of that Shoprite didn't even reply to us. Nor did the ADL. I need to hire some of those protestors to protest w/o bullshit bc I don't want to do anything illegal (I need them to call the cops on all the drivers at the shoprite who block pedestrians at the crosswalk. Then the cops can get footage from that shoprite & also the footage of th Karen & Becky. I don't want that footage to be overtaped).

Thanks, I hope you have a great day too. It was a nice convo ☺️

I like you too, we could probably be friends in a different scenario (: