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My bf broke up with me like 6 months ago, am I supposed to be okay by now or not? Should I just forget abt him? Well, I do feel okay but I wana know from ur opinions, it's seems he doesn't even care abt the break-up, I want to be myslef again, I don't even have a BFF anymore 😭 My life is just like a cracked egg, I cry myself to bed, I just wish everything would be alright soon, I want a long lasting BFF, I'M JUST LOST RIGHT NOW, I want to show my closest friend I really care abt her, but we can't meet, I can only tell her on text, but..........................that's for another article, just, any siggestion on how to be happier, Thanks

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I lost my bestfriend earlier this year, she just walked out of my life and it hurt so bad. But I gave it time and eventually we started speaking again. And after a while you find new friends. You just need to focus on yourself right now, make yourself the person you've always wanted to be, care for yourself and give yourself the love that you seem to give to others. I can relate with the boyfriend situation too, mine has been very distant and I think he's going to leave me or atleast fell out of love with me. It hurts so bad and it takes so long to get over it when they really don't seem to care, but you will, maybe try speaking and meeting with new people or people you're currently not too close with. Things will get better, you have your whole life ahead of you. Make sure you're happy before you focus fully on anyone else, become your own bestfriend :)

I know how much it hurts to have your heart broken. Some people get over the heartbreak faster than others. It actually took my over 6 months before when I found out that my boyfriend had been cheating on me. Try to do things as much as possible that doesn't remind you of him. Don't look at his pictures, delete his number from your contacts, don't listen to songs that he likes. Try something new just for you. Try taking up a new hobby. I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but you'll see, eventually the pain will go away. You'll be just fine. Also, don't look up on his social media posts because that will just put in an even more sad mood.