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We've been friends for like 9 months, and she made me so angry yesterday and called me names, I did same too, She feels extremely sorry and has been sending me long apologetic texts, if u were in my shoes, would you forgive her? I mean like, she's been a great close friend to me, should I allow this fight to destroy our friendship or should I let it go and have fun with her like always?

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friends fight it happens,but that doesn't mean you go beserk and drop her she even saw the error in her way of acting and is trying to correct it with texting you her apologies.if she is like you say a close friend then just let it go apologize to eachother cause trust me good/close friends are hard to find.and if it really botherd you then talk about it with her might help to.

You should. Sometimes, someone need a second chance to change. Maybe because of the carelessness, she being like that. But after the second chance, there is no more third chance. Maybe you and her are not destined to be together because best friend is a someone that need to understand nt and accept everything about each other not only you who just need to understand her every single time. Good luck :)

You can't expect every relationship to go smoothly. There will always be hiccups. It's a part of life. The important thing is that if it's something minor, and you can both apologize to each other, then look past this and try to make the relationship stronger. If you push every friend away because of a insignificant mistake, then nobody will want to be friends with you, and you'll never have long-lasting friendships. If it was something major that jeopardizes your trust, then I would see it fit to simply tell her how you feel (non-aggressively) and try to ignore it until you forget about it. Just understand that every human makes mistakes. Look into yourself and think about your mistakes. Your no less of a human than your friend is. The anger that you feel may only be temporary due to the argument. Over time, things will be less intense. Just try to stay calm and keep your mind off of it with activities or something. Watch a movie or show, cook, play games, whatever activities it is that you enjoy doing that will keep your mind off of this until you're calm enough to reach a decision.


If its that terrible stop being friends. If they truly hurt you don't stay with them because it will become worse over time. If you believe it's good and that it was just a small fight, stay. If they feel genuinely sorry and will never do that again. Stay, you won't regret it.

But really if they hurt you THIS bad tell them you need a break or that you need to talk all of your emotions out with them. After that you could see if you want to stay friends.